Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shop In Progress

Hey It's Charlie C-T!

We have all been working hard this week and it is really starting to pay off! Can not wait for the opening, everyone come down! here are some photos of our work progress for your eyes to wonder across, hope you enjoy. :)

Peach Out! C-T.
ITS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its coming along nicely, don't miss it peoples!

public speaking :)

a couple of weeks ago we hosted some assemblies to the year 8's and 9's at our school. the idea was to let them know what yaac is and hopefully make them want to get involved with some of the things we're doing and art in general.

we showed them pictures of some of our projects and made sure they all knew to come down to the pop up shop opening!

they were loving it

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Do the double dip.

Hey, it's Charlie C-T again, today the post serves a double purpose, at the end of the post there will be some advertisements for up and coming events, but first, what you came here to see, what YAAC have been up to in the last week(ish)

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, if my memory serves me correctly (which it usually doesn't), a few of us YAACers went down to the old fire station in Broadmead. we met up with some people down there and got chatting about the amazing new development that is going on down there. They have raised £6,000,000 to overhaul the station and turn it into Bristol's big new youth hub.

The place is gigantic, spanning over 3 floors, and some of the stuff that they have planned for there sounds really cool! They are planning on having a massive, double height performance space where the sire trucks were kept, with a deep stage, and rooms behind it for performers. This space serves many purposes from drama and dance to live music.

I can't remember the whole floor plan, but they mentioned a space with computers for music software and photography work, and they were talking about a large cafe and artists spaces! Take it from me this place is enormous and is really exciting!

Later on in the week we met up with the IKON youth group from the IKON gallery in Birmingham. It was really cool to meet people like us that are into the same things. Their group is slightly larger than ours, about 15 of them, and their ages span a larger range then ours so it was cool to see what a wider spread of people can do.

We went with them round the "Magical consciousness" exhibition at Arnolfini, and then after a spot of lunch headed down to Spike Island to have a look at the exhibition there. The whole day was really fun and we got to see Bristol in a new light with their fresh perspectives. I can't wait till we go on our trip to go up and see then in Birmingham, should be a good day!

And now onto the second part of the post. I have some things to advertise, which you should most definitely find tome to come down and see.

The first of the two is a speech with Jonnie Craig who is coming down from London to give a speech about what it is like to be an artist producing work in our modern climate. His work is really interesting, so thanks to Keiran for setting that up!

and the second thing that I have to share with you is "Art What?". This is a talk with some really interesting people about a future in fine arts. I don't want to bore you too much with details as they are all on the fliers, so take a look and come down. Should be super duper extra fun!

I think it's time for a cup of tea! Smell ya laters, Charlie C-T.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pop Up Shop

Now our animation installation is all finito (ah, so sad) we're working on our next project...
a Pop Up Shop in Cabot Circus! So, so exciting!
Last week we went to visit the shop in Quakers Friars for the first time, I think a lot of us were quite overwhelmed by it all (three weeks to do everything!)
But it's aghg so exciting! A huge space to work with, and so much to think about just to be open for three days (so you better all come down before it's over!) 
We looked around for a while, then sat in the middle of the floor and made a spider diagram of all our idea's.
We were each assigned a job position (Katie and I are combined Hospitality and Advertising Managers - titles that make us feel real important)
We came up with loads of idea's, and started to plan a busy schedule.
   It was all a bit mad but looking forward to it so much!  
       Expect to see it advertised errywhere around y'all soon az!