Monday, 31 January 2011


Dedicated to the slYAACer

Howdy y'all (this western thing is really catching on). India here to give you another cheeky update from the lovely YAAC crew.

Sorry for the slightly late post, but we can all blame the slYAACer Mr Haslam for this, see what i did there?

Anyway, on to business. Last tuesday we met as usual at Arnolfini to finalise our products for our b-e-a-utiful WIFI corner. The stressful, dreaded retake exams pulled me away from our YAAC meeting the week before, so I thought I had a lot of thinking, cutting, sewing and scribbling in charcoal to catch up on, but low and behold my colleagues had done a fantastic job, and had already began creating our final pieces from the sea of ideas that we came up with!!!! It's all fiiiiinnnnally coming together for our 'Preview' next weekend (which you are all cordially invited to) and looking darn good if I don't say so myself!! So, to finish off here are a few pictures of what we got up to last week, Enjoy!

Yes, this is our beautiful flyer to advertise 'Wake Up And Smell The Dental Floss' and Yes, we did make it ourselves.

Hannah & Anna creating our huge
felt clock
The lovely Esther cutting and sticking the numbers
 and letters for our clock.

Katie cutting the felt letters
(I think we have a felt obsession now)
Mine and Esther's (some plain, some charcoaled) city
 scape of paper bag with gold leafed windows.
Ciaran heard Ella did some stitching on the clock so
thought he would check out his competition.
Another picture of the cute felt sentences, devised
from our lovely public
Esther and Charlie making our sweet fairy light lanterns

So get yourself down to the Arnolfini cafe this Saturday to check out our marvellous creations and oogle at our dashing, decadent designs. Ciao, Bisous. India xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A rather late blog post...

Hello readers of YAAC's most brilliant blog, it's Anna :)

Before I start, I'd like to apologise for how late this post is! I did have every intention of writing it sooner, I just never got round to it!

Anyway, cast your minds back almost two weeks ago, to the 11th January (where we met on a Wednesday rather than our usual Tuesday). It was in the midst of our exam week, but everyone (minus Connel who had a big physics exam the next day) had been able to make it!

Fran kicked the session off by telling us about the up and coming events going on at the Arnolfini, including the opening of artist Cosima Von Borin's exhibition, who uses colourful textiles to create bold installations, like the one with the octopus -->

Then Sasha talked us through a whole presentation of different artists who use string, paper bags and felt in their work and how they create different effects. Although we have found no-one who uses dental floss!

Inspired by this we split off into smaller groups to make things we wanted to go in the wifi corner. I was in a group with India and Ciaran. At first we decided to use paper bags and dental floss making these sky scraper shapes (and Ciaran discovered his love of sewing!). Then we cut out letters from felt to spell out Katies phrase "It felt like a beard" which was quite a pun as they were cut out of felt!

<-- Here we are, busy making!

We then gathered round like a show and tell, to share what we had done.
Some really nice things that came out of it were the paper bag fairy lights -->

<--The gold leaf on felt

And our felt letters were pretty popular too! -->
(Apart from the fact that it says "lik"...)

Here's what all our creations looked like up on the wall; (starting to get more of a feel what the finished wifi corner will be like now!)

And woh! How could I nearly forget! A very momentous occasion! We have some new members to our Yak family!

 This is India's snazzy yak, made from a toilet roll tube and gold paint! (Oooh suggestion! Our Yaks should have names!)

And this is Esthers cool drawing of a yak, with a full box of gold leaf. (I'm thinking he looks a bit like a Bernie?)

Also If you scroll up to the picture of the wall with all our creations, you can see Katies pink yak!

Anyway I think that's enough for now!

Anna :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

La tour....and the difficult snow

Hey y'all, Katie and Ella here,

We apologize for the lateness of this post. During the holidays we did a free tour around Arnolfini for the public on the Inbetween Time Festival exhibition work. We did it before Christmas when it had been snowing like mad, so we trudged down to Arnolfini in about a million jumpers and our Docs' . When we got to Arnolfini we met Cathryn, Hannah (our YAAC coordinator) and Sasha.

We discussed the tour over tea and biscuits in the green room, and highlighted areas of the exhibition we thought we could expand enough on during the tour. Due to the snow and ice only two people turned up, but it was really nice, because instead of talking 'at' them, or overloading them with information, we could have a proper conversation. We took them to certain pieces in the exhibition- 'Aire', '37 Cuerpos', 'Untitled (after iconogrophia) and 'Drawing Breath' and 'Holding My Breath', and gave our own view on the pieces and what they signified and meant to us. We also gave background information we'd learnt through the Inbetween Time opening night and our YAAC sessions. It was really nice and relaxed and the people we showed around really seemed to 'get it' and see what we were rambling on about. They also gave really interesting feedback, which helped us have more insight into the pieces and develop even more of an interesting view on the exhibition, and to a certain extent gave us more understanding. The tour lasted about 45 minutes and went really smoothly (which we were so relieved about.. we were mighty worried about awkward silences etc beforehand..) we think it was really positive, and it was really nice that our tour-ees' appreciated what we were saying and shared their impressions and understandings of the work with us too, in return. It was also really nice to feel a proper part of Arnolfini and like we'd given something back! After our tour we went back to the green room for more tea and biscuits and to talk 'YAAC' and reflect on the tour and what we'd picked up from their response, and new views we'd formed, as a result.

We ended our Saturday Arnolfini sesh at about 4 and trekked home again in the cold, slipping on the ice once or twice and ending up with bruised legs and bums. But all in all, it was a really good afternoon and experience and we feel it was really helpful for our reflection and understanding of the exhibition, and helpful for us personally in terms of confidence and building opinions on work.


Katie and Ella xx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

String clocks and dental floss?

Hello everyone :D 

Wow what a fun and creative meeting that was. It all started with me (Connel), Anna and Sash going to take measurements using our bodies of the wifi corner. Meanwhile the team upstairs were creating the wifi corner from memory. Once we had all of our measurements; one Connel arm and one hand; one outstratched Anna etc we went back upstairs and began working on the wifi-corner.

About 5 billboards worth of paper and half an hour later, we had an almost complete wifi-corner replica! It was a beauty untill we flat-packed it :(

We then proceeded by discussing the links between creating the wifi-corner replica and the exhibition. After sitting down we were given materials, that relate to the exhibiton, to work with and get a feel for, materials we will use in the wifi-corner -> string and dental floss. After creating various masterpieces i.e. a yak we gave suggestions about what materials we'd like to use but also relate to the exhibition; charcoal; brown paper bags; floor tiles? etc :P