Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Archives and Videos...

Hello it's Anna :) Here to tell you all about the shenanigans of YAAC last week.

First things first, we gathered in the reading room to meet the Archivist of the Arnolfini - Julian Warren - who told us many interesting things, including all about the exhibit CRACKERS being displayed in the reading room, which was a piece of performance art involving a bed of lettuce (literally!).

Then we got up on our feet and went to look at Neil Cummings Arnolfini/Social History/Art History time line, that climbs up the stairwell, which was a nice visual to everything Julian was telling us about the Arnolfini's history and how it was created and things. Felt like quite the Arnolfini buff afterwards!

The importance of learning about all the history and stuff is because of our new big exciting project we have been assigned! To celebrate 50 years of the arnolfini we have been asked to make a video/animation with the legendary video artist Joff! (I don't know his full name) So it's all very exciting at the moment! And next week we will be meeting the woman who first set up the Arnolfini plus an artist who was in the very first exhibition!

So then we headed back to the light studio where we properly met Joff (who you can see in a checkered shirt in the above pictures) and he told us all about what he does and things! He kept saying he wasn't very artistic but when we saw some of his videos, they were amazing, so i disagree! Really looking forward to attempting to make our own video!

Anyway, I cant think of anything more to say, so goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

YAAC meet Bristol Diving School

Hello :D Connel here
On the 9th March we met at Spike Island and Hannah showed us around the studio spaces which was really cool as some of us had never seen an artist's studio before.
After we left Spike Island we went to meet Bristol Diving School, another Bristol based collective, which was a really fantastic experience.
The exhibiton was titled 'OHM'
Here is a picture of us at the opening:

From left to right, it's Hannah, me, Anna and Charlie infront of a resistor.
It was a really great exhibiton, featuring an extract from Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, T.Vs showing waterfalls flowing at different speeds and a synthesiser which you could play with to create strange ethereal sounds, without adding different notes we thought it sounded like bubbles rising.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

MASH UP Madness...

Hi it's Katie informing you of how the mash up went. It may have happened a while ago, but i am not the most speedy person at writing the blog.
I think the mash up went fab. It was one crazy maddness but was still great fun for everyone involved.
We arrived at the Arnolfini just before luncheon so that we could set up our stalls/creation zones ready for the aftrenon. After makig sure everthing was looking prepared we went over our plans for the afternoon over a spot of lunch. The stress levels for me were building by this time as i was imagining hordes of young crazy children screaming, which was not luckily what we saw.
The two stalls that we had set up were: A badge making dressing up mash up and a mental octopus patchwork area. First stationed to the badge making desk, our first challenge was to work out actually how to use the damn machine without messing up all the badges. Once this was working out fine we chilled out slightly until we started to see some families appearing through the Arnolfini doors.
These are the crazy ass badges we created
Once the badges were being decorated with peoples most lazy food, most lazy animal and other such lazy creations, we got on with the dressing up. The dressing up involved the children dressing up in clthes which made themm feel lazy and then getting into lazy poses. Some of the children were paticularly creative and came up with insane costumes.
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The other stall which we had was one in which the children had to draw their own interpretation of Cosimas giant octopus. With the colourful drawings we patchworked them over a table so that all of them could be seen. The pictures turned out amazingly colourful and brightened up the foyer of the Arnolfini.
The table once we'd finished with it...
The day was one creative collection of colour and craziness. But it was enjoyable craziness and working with lots of deifferent people was an amazing experience for us all. Untill Next time
Au revoir Katie

Monday, 7 March 2011

Jenny Rintoul - Role Play and Mash Up

Yo! Charlie C-T with another YAAC installment. Sorry for the lateness!

On the 15th of February we had a visit from Jenny Rintoul. She got us up on our feet for a change and started us off with some role play. At first I was hesitant, but after a while everyone was well into it. Katie was even sitting in the Arnolfini Bar having a tantrum, which by the look on some people's face, made them feel rather awkward.

This wasn't all for Jenny's personal enjoyment! It got us all thinking about some good activities that we could host for Arnolfini's "Mash Up". We cycled through a series of ideas with the dominant theme of laziness. Settling on the idea of your favored place to be lazy. We decided we would ask the participants of  "Mash Up" to, on a piece of paper, draw/collage/paint/anything their favorite place to be lazy, take a photo of them with their art and project it onto the wall as a slideshow, so throughout the day, the slideshow would slowly grow.

Sadly, I was away for the Mash Up so I couldn't make it to all the enjoyment, but from what I've head from my YAAC buddies, it was a lot of effort, but barrels of fun.

Thanks everyone, C-T out!