Wednesday, 14 September 2011

14th Sept 2011

Hey it's Charlie C-T here!

Today at YAAC we started with a trip to Bristol's new Mshed! we went to go and see Martin Parr's exhibition which was interesting. The photos were good, and there was a really interesting and amusing video piece there as well. Personally I felt the lay out of the exhibition could have been done better. Looking at the gallery as a whole was just a bit daunting with so many photos, but after you overcame that, the exhibition was great!

After the Mshed we spent the rest of the time discussing a zine that we are going to make. It will be based on a piece that we have in the WiFi corner at the moment that is about memories of the Arnolfini. This will work out well because we are going to give/sell the zines on Arnolfini's 50th birthday! We have some great ideas and our now working on making it happen. We want to get the finished by next Wednesday, so the time we have is rather tight, but it's really exciting!

Smell ya later,
                     Charlie C-T.