Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Animation Preview

 Sooo last Thursday (26/05/11) was our Animation preview for "Remove the ceiling so the sculpture can carry on...". It was an amazing experience to be able to have our own work displayed for the public to see, and I must say, it filled me with joy every time people turned round to look at mine and Ciaran's little animation in particular. We had a really great turn out of over 100 people coming to see the preview and enjoying the free food and drink. Each of us also said a few words about how we created our work, our inspiration etc.

From the Friday (27th) to the Monday (30th) our exhibition was open during the day, in the Arnolfini, and in order to make this happen, we all had to steward for half the day each. As with any exhibition, we got a slight mix of responses, but as far as I'm aware most people found the work at least interesting. One quote was "Surrealist - intrepid. Hard to interpret. Original". 

See yah!

Alumni and tourning

Hello :D It's Connel here.
This week after school on Wednesday we gave a tour to the Alumni of the Arnolfini around the latest exhibion, Magical Conciousness. Before the tour we had tea and cakes with the Albumni. Me, Anna and Charlie C.T all agreed it really made us feel part of the art world.

This is Nik introducing herself, before Hannah, then Charlie, Anna and myself introduced ourselves.

This is Charlie speaking about a piece which documents the travel path of a Satellite which documents our lives.

"this exhibition considers the possibility of seeing yourself seeing things differently."
The front of our installation flyer.
The back of our installation flyer.

Friday, 13 May 2011

The ups and downs of animating

Hello there! It's Anna, here to tell you more about our animation frolics!

Over the past three weeks now, we've been busy, busy, busy, animating our socks off to get them finished in time for our opening, and slowly but surely they have all stated taking shape. I've been really enjoying animating! It's so rewarding watching back your 14 seconds of work after 3 hours of hard work!.....well that doesnt't make it sound that fun, but it really is! I have such a big respect for animators now, like the Aardman gang who create full length films! Would take a while!

Here are some pics from one particular animation session; :)

Ciaran and Cathryn creating their voluptuous figurines!

Katie and me preparing the background for our animation!


Charlie having his face painted!

Charlie painting Ella's face!

Me and Katie have been creating an animation that is centred round a seagull called Kristoff, about his adventures at the Arnolfini and the docks! Unfortunately last week, we faced some difficulties when we found that half of our animation had just disappeared from the school macs...leaving us with only 14 seconds of our animation on the week they had to be finished by!! Was really quite a bummer! And poor Hannah was getting really stressed out! But despite this, we managed to turn it around and just accepted that it was gone, redid some of the scenes and finished it off! And I think it looks great, so I couldn't be more pleased! :)

Anyway, that's enough for now, GOODBYE!!! 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Interviews and Animations

Hey, Charlie C-T here bringing you some YAAC fun with a splash of animation.

We have been doing animations for a while now for an upcoming show that we are having at Arnolfini called “Remove the ceiling so the sculpture can carry on…”. These animations are based on Arnolfini’s history and it’s 50th anniversary.

About 3 weeks ago we had an interview with Annabel Rees (one of the founders of Arnolfini) and Peter Swan (whose work was part of Arnolfini’s first exhibition) about what it was like when Arnolfini was just starting, their memories of Arnolfini and what they think about it now. The interview was very interesting and an eye opener about what it is like to start/run a place like Arnolfini.

A week after the interview, using material from Arnolfini’s “Living Archive” project and the interview, we set to work creating our animations with the aid of Joff, an expert animator. Our creative juices started flowing and the animations were well under way.

Ella and I are working together on our animation and it just turned out that Ella has a MASSIVE amount of playmobil! We remembered that Peter Swan said something about people riding bikes across canvas to create art, and he thought it was "Disgusting", so Ella brought in her playmobil and we used the little people and their bikes to reenact this scene that Peter described. I don't know if you have ever done animation with playmobil before, but it is such hassle trying to get these small stiff figures to throw paint over a canvas! After about 4 hours of animation we produced 2 small clips totaling a time of about 40 seconds! I know they said it would take a while, but this was just madness. 

All in all I am having great fun with this project and I can't wait to see the finished product. 
Ella and I are now working on a face painted animation which gets very messy from time to time!

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for the lateness.

Charlie C-T.